Lounge Cinema Pighouse Flicks, Terms of Use

This Site
Bronte Pictures PTY LTD (the Company) (ACN 606 851 147) operates this Site and these Terms of Use (including the Conditions of Sale) govern your use of this Site. In these Terms of Use the Cinema includes Lounge Cinema Pig House Flicks.

Use of this Site
By accessing this Site, irrespective of the method or platform by which you access and use this Site, you irrevocably agree to be bound by these Terms of Use including the Conditions of Sale.

Conditions of Sale
If you purchase any product or service through this Site, you agree to be bound by the Company’s Conditions of Sale.

From time to time, the Company will run competitions on this Site and you agree to review and be bound by the terms and conditions of each competition you enter.

Event Cinemas Conditions of Sale

Purchase of Products or Services from this Site
Your purchase of any product or service on this Site forms a legally binding agreement between you and Bronte Pictures PTY LTD (ABN 39 606 851) (the Company) on these Conditions of Sale in addition to the Terms of Use. You also agree to be liable for any breaches of the Conditions of Sale by individuals using products or services purchased by you on this Site. Children under the age of 16 may not purchase any product or service from this Site and must obtain the permission and assistance of their parent or guardian to do this.

You acknowledge the Company’s right to enforce film classification requirements set by the Australian Classification Board and you will not purchase tickets that you (and any persons on whose behalf you purchase tickets) are not legally entitled to see, for instance if you are under 15 you cannot purchase and use tickets for a film classified M15+. The Company reserves the right to insist that you provide suitable identification depending on a film’s classification.

Where you purchase concession tickets online, suitable identification must be provided at the Cinema. 

Online Fees
The purchasing of products and services may be subject to booking, credit card and other fees. All tickets purchased through this Site will be subject to a booking fee per standard. The Company reserves the right to vary the amount of this booking fee from time to time, as specified in the ticket purchasing process.

Times and Session Details
Times and session details in relation to tickets purchased through this Site are subject to change without notice.

Refund and Return Policy
To the extent permitted by law, and without limiting the application of Australian Consumer Law and the Consumer Guarantees, the Company’s liability to you in connection with the purchase or use of any products or services obtained from this Site is limited to either:
     (a) replacement of those products or services; or 
     (b) a refund of the cost of purchase of those products and services.

Refunds or exchanges are not available where you simply change your mind, or where you have mistakenly purchased the wrong ticket or where you do not have a receipt for the products or services.

To the extent permitted by law:
     (a) The Company (including its related bodies corporate and affiliates), its directors, officers, employees and agents exclude all liability to you and any other persons who use a product or service you have purchased from this Site including liability for any consequential loss or damage, indirect, incidental, special damages, or loss of business or profits; and
     (b) you agree that the Company may retain any booking fees or other incidental costs such as postage incurred in issuing a refund. This clause does not amend or limit the operation of clause 17 of the Terms of Use, Limitation of Liability (clause 17). 

GST applies to the purchase of products and services from this Site and will be charged at the time of purchase. 

Force Majeure
The Company’s obligations to you will be suspended for the period in which the Company is affected by any event beyond its reasonable control which shall include without limitation an act of God, fire, flood or other extreme weather event, natural disaster, strike, electricity, power or communications failure, shortage or unavailability of products or services or a change in applicable law.

Terms of Use
These Conditions of Sale form part of the Terms of Use and clauses in the Terms of Use apply in the Conditions of Sale as the context requires. If there is any contradiction between the Conditions of Sale and the Terms of Use, then the Terms of Use shall take precedence.