Innuendo: Directors Q & A with Saara Lamberg.

5:45pm 15th of March 2019

@Pighouse Flicks.

Spend an evening with Director Saara Lamberg as she speaks about the making of her latest film, Innuendo.

Saara will share her thoughts on the film making process and film industry in general.

Take advantage of the rare opportunity to engage with a modern Australian filmmaker!

The Finnish Tuuli grew up in an oppressively religious and abusive family and in the shadow of her angelic twin sister. She embarks on a journey to the other side of the world, Australia, to find her true identity. Curious of nudity and sexuality, she becomes a nude model for art classes. She seems to use people to her own advantage and the good boy Thomas gets left behind when she meets the rough but charismatic chainsaw sculptor Ben. Her innocent surface starts revealing sordid cracks and the good intentions of the people she meets become a graveyard for her twisted delusions of grandiose. The film has been compared with works of David Lynch, Roman Polanski, Coen brothers and Martin Scorsese.