Director – Nadine Labaki (Lebanon)

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Runtime – 126mins

An Academy Award Nomination for Best Foreign Language Film only adds to the growing accolades for this film, which includes, winning the Grand Jury Prize at this years Cannes Film Festival. Described as an uber-realist “Slumdog Millionaire”, the film follows young protagonist Zain (Zain Al Rafeea), who after being jailed for committing a violent crime, sues his parents for giving him life. Zain’s large family live hand to mouth in a squalid apartment in Lebanon. The kids work instead of going to school. When Zain’s 11 year old sister is sold into marriage, he flees the family home in search of a better life. He is taken in and lovingly cared for by an illegal Ethiopian worker, Rahil, who lives in a shanty house with her baby. But when Rahil disappears, Zain is suddenly left to fend for himself and her baby, resorting to increasingly desperate measures to survive.